Game On – Aethercon 2013

Are you ready to get your game on?


Come join us at Aethercon! The following games are being run at Aethercon and were written by Curtis Baum.


The following modules are GMed by Curtis Baum:


Friday – 3 PM East – Cult of Life Book One: Trial of Faith

A new religion has surfaced in the village of Shursune. Is this religion as benign as it appears or do they serve a darker purpose?

This will be published by Rcane Publications and be available shortly after Athercon. Be among the first to play this new module.


Friday – 9 PM East – Thief in the Night – Bridgefort Saga 1

A recent string of thefts has the city of Bridgefort baffled. They think the party may be involved. Can the party find the real culprit and put and end to this crime spree?

This module is published by Adventure A Week.


Saturday – 11 AM East – Cult of Life Book Two: Trial of Blood

The party is hot on the heals of a dangerous enemy known as Lord Ravenbrook. They chase him to Ravenbrook City and must work through the area and find a way to get into his mansion, learning the dark history of Baron along the way.

This module will be published by Rcane Publications, shortly after Aethercon. Be among the first to play this new adventure.


Saturday – 5 PM East – The Right to Arm Bugbears – Bridgefort Saga 2

The rumors of a massive army being formed are reaching citizens of Bridgefort. They have a map to several locations where ancient relics may have been lost. Can the party stop these humanoids from acquiring even more power for their army? Can the army even be stopped?

This module is published by Adventure A Week.


Saturday – 11 PM East – The Puppetmaster

Villagers claim they have seen a strange doll out chopping wood in the forest. Merchants are talking about being robbed by puppets. What is the source for these odd events? Is a maniacal craftsman in the forest trying to destroy the village?

This module will be published by D3 Adventures.


Sunday – 5 PM East – Battle for Bridgefort – Bridgefort Saga 3

The humanoid army marches on the city of Bridgefort. The party is among the few defenders that can hold them from destroying the city. Is the party up to the task? Can they finally defeat the mastermind behind the growing army?

This module is published by Adventure A Week.


Additionally, Christi Baum will be GMing:

Saturday – 11 AM East – The Witch’s Challenge

A strange plague has suddenly swept through a small village. The citizens are helpless and many have already died. A visiting witch thinks she can solve the problem, but it requires an amulet buried ages ago. Can the witch be trusted? Will the party be able to cure the plague before the village is destroyed?



And Thomas Stephens will be GMing:

Saturday – 11 PM East – System Crash: Ragnarok

A recent bank robbery has been botched. A new AI is on the loose turning systems against civilians and security forces. What caused it? Can it be stopped?

This module is published by D3 Adventures. It is exclusively free at Aethercon!


Aethercon details:


“AetherCon is a free online RPG convention emphasizing a sense of community. RPGs such as Pathfinder, Shadowrun and Call of Cthulhu will be run with many more games available. Free browser based RPG programs, Roll 20 and Infrno, will be used to run the games. Along with the games AetherCon will have panels and Q&A sessions with industry professionals such as Jim Pinto (Post World Games), G. Earnest Gygax (Gygax Magazine), Mike Mason (Chaosium), Ken Hite (Pelgrane Press), Wes Schnieder (Paizo) and many more. AetherCon will also have a lot of great vendors, such as Paizo and CGL just to name a few, available to sell you some great merchandise and an artist hall in which you can buy original art work and learn art techniques from the artists as well. Plus every Friday, leading up to AetherCon, download exclusive, free wallpapers from these artists as well. You also could win a chance at having one of your favorite PCs immortalized by one the artists on a future exclusive AetherCon wallpaper just by playing! The more you play, the better your chances of winning! AetherCon kicks off on November 15 and runs through November 17 of 2013.”


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