Kaira, Human Fighter

Kaira used to be a much happier lady when she was younger. She grew up in a nice family and had the best training scholars available. Life was good. That was before the assault by the undead. Led by a powerful necromancer, skeletons and zombies … [Continue reading]

Dark High Priest, Human

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Dark Acolyte, Human

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Larel, Gnome Bard

Larel was raised in the forest as she travelled with her family. She learned of many people, many cultures, many beliefs, and many stories. When she had grown old enough, she decided to continue travelling, but she soon realized that not all the … [Continue reading]

Gyrena, Halfling Rogue

Gyrena grew up in the city, but she was without friends or family. Surviving on the outskirts of society, she eventually took to thievery as her way of making a living. She found she was very good at crime and would have made an excellent living, … [Continue reading]

Callion, Dwarf Paladin

Zarakus, Half-Orc Wizard

Callion grew up in a dwarven city with all the normal expectations of becoming a miner or sculptor when he was older. He worked hard, but had one major disagreement with his clan. Callion felt that the races that lived above ground and the future of … [Continue reading]