Curtis Baum Bibliography

Contributing Author Gallery of Magical Blades – fan created net book for AD&D – (circa 1996) Rise of the Drow (expanded and revised edition) – Adventure-A-Week – (2014) Author “TSR’s ‘Alternity’ Reviewed” – Masters of Roleplaying Magazine – Issue #8 – (1999) Thief in the Night – Adventure-A-Week – (2012) The Right to Arm Bugbears […]

Cult of Life: Trial of Faith

Game On – Aethercon 2013

Are you ready to get your game on?   Come join us at Aethercon! The following games are being run at Aethercon and were written by Curtis Baum.   The following modules are GMed by Curtis Baum:   Friday – 3 PM East – Cult of Life Book One: Trial of Faith A new religion […]